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Introducing Audiences by Skimlinks

Posted 6 years ago by Skimlinks

Over the past eight years we’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure publishers are rewarded for the role their content plays in driving shopping intent. We love that we help our network of publishers make money, but don’t want to rely just on affiliate commissions to do so.

So, we put some of the world’s greatest minds in data science and machine learning (who luckily work at Skimlinks!) to the task of building a new product that helps publishers earn more… and we did it! I am incredibly excited and proud to tell you about a brand new product we’ve launching called Audiences by Skimlinks.

Audiences by Skimlinks is an audience targeting service advertisers can access via programmatic buying platforms to improve their campaigns. Advertisers will be charged to target segments of users highly likely to buy their products, and Skimlinks will share the revenue with you. It means that on top of the affiliate revenue publishers earn with Skimlinks already, they now have the opportunity to earn additional incremental revenue for the intent signals publisher sites contribute to the Skimlinks data cooperative.

How does it work?

Skimlinks captures and analyzes more than 15 billion intent signals across our network every day, including what products and brands people are reading about, clicking on, and buying. The data from all these content-to-commerce journeys – coupled with our rich product intelligence layer – enables Skimlinks to create a unique and rich taxonomy of audience segments that are highly predictive of purchase behaviors.

By being part of the Skimlinks data cooperative, publishers automatically earn incremental revenues for the contribution of anonymised and aggregated intent signals to the programmatic audience targeting service available to advertisers.

Big platforms like Facebook, Google and Apple, benefit from their huge scale and data stores, and have such an advantage over independent content creators like so many of you. Any one publisher doesn’t have enough scale (and therefore data) to create really powerful predictive models of shopping intent, and this limits a publisher’s ability to command great advertising budgets.

What excites me the most and the thing I’m incredibly proud of is that Skimlinks can act as the platform through which publishers, large and small, can gain enough scale as a data cooperative to benefit from audience revenues and insights. We’re thrilled to be launching a product that will help publishers be properly rewarded for the role they play in creating shopping intent.

Thank you for your continued faith and support and for being a part of this journey.

Alicia Navarro
CEO & Co-Founder of Skimlinks

For more information about Audiences by Skimlinks and how it works, visit We’re also always around for a chat, simply email [email protected]

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