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Inside the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Posted 7 months ago by Angus

Our platform powered almost $1 billion ecommerce transactions last year and we see dozens of shopping events in our network every year. They can be broad events like Black Friday or specific ones, like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which takes place every year in July. It’s Nordstrom’s largest event of the year and investment analyst Piper Jaffray estimates it generates higher average weekly sales than the holiday shopping season in December.

It’s a great opportunity to create commerce-related content. It happens over a specific three week period in July, so you can be flexible about when you create content and how you promote it. It’s also split into an Early Access and general access phase, meaning you can target 8 million of Nordstrom’s regular shoppers who are members of the Rewards program first.

To help you make the most of the opportunity we’ve published a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale insights report and recommendations to help you take advantage of this shopping event. Here are some highlights from the report:

Sales specifics

- Sale items will go live on the site around 12am on 13th July for early access holders

- This catalogue contains a selection of items in the sale which you can use to prepare content

- Non early access members can still browse items and wishlist them during early access period


- Average Earnings per Click (EPC) rose $.0.03 during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale compared to the EPC average across on network in 2016

- The average order size seen in our network at this time was $53

- Traffic in the network rose 143% when Early Access closed and the sale opened up to the general public

- We saw publishers in our network take one of two comtent strategies, they either chose to link to the sale landing page which drove a higher amount of traffic but lower overall conversions, or deep-linking to products which drove less traffic but saw a 3x greater conversion rate

- Publishers also released content at three different times, either before the sale started to receive preferential ranking in search engine results, in time for Early Access to take advantage of Nordstrom’s most loyal customers, or during general access to avoid being lost in the noise

On that basis we have some recommendations to seize the advantage this year:

- Think carefully about what metric you’re trying to hit during the sale. If you want to take a volume approach, linking to the landing page is a better idea, as it’s broader. Since our cookie window is 30 days you’ll still be able to capture any sales that happen as a result of someone heading to the Nordstrom page.

- Alternatively if you’re focusing on conversions, linking to specific products and creating product-specific content is a better idea. It’s more specific, tailored and means people who read are more likely to be engaged. They’ll be more likely to go on and make a final purchase too.

- The best way to approach it would be to do both, linking to the homepage and specific products at different price points.

- For publishing your content there are three approaches you can take. You can try and beat the rush for SEO ranking by publishing before the sale starts, target Early Access people, or you can go broad and publish during general sale.

Click here to download the full Nordstrom Anniversary Sale report on Skimlinks Resources page.

Find out more about the deals Nordstrom is offering this year by visiting Nordstrom’s merchant profile.

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