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Data Snack 4: A Christmas Carol Revisited

Posted 1 year ago by Angus

This year, Scrooge decided to skip the ghosts

People who buy luxury goods are 195% more likely to buy children’s toys.

Our shopping intent dat...

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cyber monday affiliate marketing

Data Snack 3: A Blue Cyber Monday

Posted 1 year ago by Angus

Steve and Sarah thought about buying their son a toy for the holidays, then remembered it was Cyber Monday, and VR headsets were on offer

Our da...

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affiliate marketing

Data Snack 2: A Ruff Day For Rex

Posted 1 year ago by Angus

Rex had always been Mummy’s little princess

Our data shows people about to buy pet supplies are 550% more likely to buy toddler equipment

Our ...

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skimlinks affiliate marketing

Data Snack 1: A Disappointing Halloween

Posted 1 year ago by Angus

You might expect chocolate on Halloween…but what if you got a dumbell instead?”

Our data shows people in market for chocolate are 92% more likel...

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