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Merchant Update 3

Posted 2 days ago by Angus

Welcome to the Skimlinks Merchant Update. Here you’ll find a regular update on new merchants joining our network, which merchants have joined our ...

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Q&A: Fashion Blogger Lorna Burford talks content monetization

Posted 6 days ago by Angus

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Lorna Burford, is the editor and owner of Raindrops of Sapphire and The Jeans Blog which delves into all things den...

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9 great examples of shoppable content

Posted 3 weeks ago by Angus

Shoppable content is taking the world by storm. More and more publishers are looking at commerce-focused content, or “comtent”, as a way to create...

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Skimlinks Social Media Guide

Social Media Guide: How to monetize your social media channels with Skimlinks

Posted 1 month ago by Angus
Learn how you could monetize your social media channels with Skimlinks here.

Almost 75% of consumers rely on social media to guide purchase dec...

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5 Great Content Ideas For Valentine's Day

Posted 1 month ago by Angus

V-Day is well on the way, and with around $20 billion spent in the US alone last year, it’s a great opportunity for you to cash in, in a big way. ...

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Why you should install our Editor Toolbar

Posted 2 months ago by Angus

Our Editor Toolbar is a tool that we created to make monetization easy. It makes it super easy for you to find out if a merchant is in our network...

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5 ways to get more from Skimlinks this year

Posted 2 months ago by Angus

In the spirit of the New Year, last week we wrote a post about our referral program and how you could earn 35% of the commission we make with any ...

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Join the Skimlinks Referral Program now!

Posted 2 months ago by Angus

We want 2017 to be your best year working with us, which is why you need to sign up for our referral program now. You’ll be helping your friends m...

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Data Snack 4: A Christmas Carol Revisited

Posted 3 months ago by Angus

This year, Scrooge decided to skip the ghosts

People who buy luxury goods are 195% more likely to buy children’s toys.

Our shopping intent dat...

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