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All of our holiday season resources together in one place

Posted 6 months ago by Angus

There’s one week to go until Thanksgiving, which ushers in the holiday season and a sustained season of sales opportunities for publishers in our network to capitalize upon. So we wanted to gather together the resources we’ve designed to help you in this critical time of year in one place, so you can access them and apply them to make holiday 2017 your best season ever.

Holiday Ecommerce Report 2017

Our anchor piece of content for the holiday is bursting with still relevant insights for the holiday season. With regional variations for the UK and US, the guide will tell you dates to push content, how to best work with our merchants, the kind of EPC / AOV you should be aiming towards and much more.

Merchant Strategy

Our network includes 24,000 merchants and we’re keen that during the holidays you should make the most of them. While not a holiday specific post, it is focused on how to prioritise the kinds of merchants you feature, get full use of our platform and figure out which products to include in your pieces of commerce content.

Holiday Ecommerce Insights Infographic 2017

A more digestible version of the guide, the infographic focuses on the charts and graphics from the report, providing a visual guide to navigating the holiday season, planning content and ensuring you make the most of the holiday season.

Holiday YouTube Playlist

We hosted two holiday events back in September, asking industry experts how they prepare for the holiday season and what their predictions are for holiday 2017. This playlist brings together key highlights from the events, with contributions from IDG UK, Huffington Post, eBay, Bluebella Lingerie and more on their seasonal strategies for success.

The Merchant Deals Spreadsheet

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for deals and we want to make sure you get easy access to them. So we’ve made them available in this dedicated spreadsheet, where you can get all the holiday related deals that you need to make the most of the season, and seize on the great opportunities merchants are creating for you.

So there you have all of our holiday resources! We hope this will be your best year yet. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on our dedicated Offers Twitter page for the latest offers and deals of the season as they become available.

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