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5 Great Content Ideas For Valentine's Day

Posted 7 months ago by Angus

V-Day is well on the way, and with around $20 billion spent in the US alone last year, it’s a great opportunity for you to cash in, in a big way. So we’ve put together five great examples of comtent – commerce-related content – that you can put together ahead of the big day that your readers will love!

1. Gifts for Gals

This sounds obvious, but with American men spending around 2x more than women on Valentine’s Day, there an audience you want to be targeting with content. Thinking outside the box is important too: not everyone wants flowers or candy. This post from ASK Men UK features product at different price points and across different categories to ensure maximum appeal.

2) Boys Toys

Women might spend less than their counterparts, but they’re still spending an average of $90 on Valentine’s Day gifts. Grooming products make for perfect gifts at Valentine’s Day and this InStyle posts shows just how much variety there is in that broad category: shampoo, skincare, cologne, tweezers, nail files and more, all fall under that broad umbrella.

3) Experiences Are Outranking Product Purchases

Almost a quarter of people last year bought experience gifts. Whether that meant mini vacations, cooking classes or spa days, they showed that memories were more important to them than material things. Merchants like Virgin Experience Days (CPA rate: 12%) have great offers to help guarantee your readers have a Valentine’s Day to remember.

4) Significant others

Americans spend $27 on members of their family other than their partner or spouse at Valentine’s Day and that doesn’t include spending on four-pawed friends either. RealSimple have a great post here outlining gifts for kids on Valentine’s Day and Petful have this post for cats and dogs.

5) Valentine’s Haters

Cupid’s Arrow only actually strikes 55% of the population. The rest are often overlooked as potential purchasers in this time. But as these great posts from Buzzfeed and Bustle show, the Valentine haters out there are a great audience to great content for.

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