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Get a jump-start on the holiday's Skimming the news!

Posted 5 years ago by Alasdair

We’ve decided to shake things up a bit with Skimming the News and return to the old school – the focus has been narrowed to our industry of affiliate marketing, ecommerce and performance marketing (though now and again we may be unable to resist throwing in a big tech news article into the mix).

This week, our industry headlines include promising forecasts for the holiday season, consumer electronics companies like Apple refreshing their products in anticipation of holiday 2012, GoDaddy’s dismissal of hacking claims and the return of Nexus Tax in California and Pennsylvania.

We’ve got top tips for publishers AND retailers including tactics for maximizing holiday 2012 sales, a guide to the Nexus Tax, ways to make your content invaluable and how to grab a brand’s attention. Phew! TGIF…it’s Skimming the News!

Industry News

Expectations Grow for the Upcoming Holiday Shopping Season via AP
Great news for Merchants- ShopperTrak’s holiday forecast predicts that retail revenue will be up 3.3 percent in the lead up to Christmas. As the AP article points out, the figure is slightly lower than last year but nothing to be sniffed at considering the financial challenges shoppers are facing.

Affiliates Prepping for Return of Nexus Tax in California, Pennsylvania via Marketing Land
Nexus Taxes are returning to Pennsylvania and California this month, after being suspended for some time pending potential federal nexus legislation. No legislation was passed, so on September 1 and September 15, Pennsylvania and California (respectively) will reinstate their nexus tax. Nexus tax laws help states collect sales taxes from online retailers who are based out of state but making sales in a nexus state.

GoDaddy Rejects Claims They Were Hacked by Anonymous Affiliate via Digital Journal
After millions of GoDaddy websites went down on Monday, an Anonymous affiliate ‘Anonymous Owner3r tweeted that they were responsible. Scott Wagner, Go Daddy’s CEO, dismissed the claims of ‘external influences’, laying blame with ‘a series of internal network events that corrupted data tables’. No doubt this incident is the last thing GoDaddy needs right now as they recently lost thousands of customers due to their support of the SOPA bill. Furthermore, a rival company has been attempting to poach their customers by making them special offers. Are you a GoDaddy customer? What are your thoughts?

In Online Shopping, There’s a New Price Every Minute (Coming Soon: Toilet Paper Priced Like Airline Tickets) via The Wall Street Journal
Fixed prices are becoming a thing of the past on the internet. Airlines became renowned in the 90’s for constantly changing their prices in line with their competitors and now internet retailers for everyday items are following suit. This tactic is most used by web stores on Amazon, desperate to be the top search result and get space in their ‘buy box’. Unsurprising given that more than 95% of shoppers will chose the ‘buy box’. The pricing changes can be numerous and dramatic over the course of a day- the price of a General Electric microwave was changed 9 times by sellers on Amazon, ranging between $744.46 and $871.49.

Consumer Electronics being rolled out in time to capture holiday shoppers attention via Fox News
Following by example of Apple’s eagerly anticipated iphone 5, electronics retailers Amazon, Nokia and Motorola have spent the last week trying to generate a similar buzz around their products. Amazon announced 4 new Kindle readers, Nokia and Motorola unveiled 5 new smartphones between them whilst Nokia and Microsoft are keen to whip up interest in the new Windows operating system- Windows 8. The companies will be hoping that their early marketing efforts are rewarded with stronger sales come holiday 2012. Which electronics are you excited for?

Top Tips for Publishers and Retailers

eCommerce Trends and Tactics for Holiday 2012 via Independent Retailer
The 2012 holiday season looks set to be a good one for retailers so how can you make sure that you’re maximizing this opportunity for big sales? Independent Retailer have put together a handy and comprehensive guide featuring 5 tactics to help plan around ecommerce trends to ensure you don’t miss out. Make sure you keep an eye out in the coming week for more tips on seasonality from Skimlinks!

What You Need to Know About Online Sales Tax via Practical eCommerce
In our Industry News we featured a link to an article on the online sales tax changes. But how exactly will it affect small online stores? This helpful article breaks it down by using examples to let retailers know if they should be collecting tax from their online shoppers and the steps they can take to prepare for this challenge.

Five ways to catch a brand’s attention via affialiates4u News
Are you a new publisher? Need advice on how to attract brands to your site? Andrew Copeland from Tradedoubler shares 5 ways to capture a brand’s attention including a recognisable identity and elevator pitch. Most important tip? Being honest with brands- don’t make promises you can’t deliver!

3 Ways to Create Highly Valuable Blog Content via Social Media Examiner
Are you creating plenty of blog content but are lacking in page views and engagement? The helpful guys over at Social Media Examiner offer 3 simple ways that can ensure your site is your readers top resource for information.


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