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From affiliate networks to our preferred partner program: Common questions about how Skimlinks works with Merchants answered

Posted 12 months ago by Skimlinks

It’s the question everyone wants an answer to: Is Kylie Jenner pregnant or not?

Correction: it’s the other question everyone wants an answer to: does Skimlinks work with merchants and if so, how?

The answer to that is a little (where by a little, we of course mean, enormously) complex, so as part of our Back To Basics series we’re going to break it down for you, talk about how you could scale your success working with Skimlinks, and the tools we offer for merchants too. Sound good? Let’s get started!

How do I join Skimlinks if I’m a merchant?

Plot twist: you don’t join Skimlinks if you’re a merchant, or at least, you don’t join Skimlinks directly in the same way publishers do. Instead the vast (and we really do mean vast here) majority of our merchants start working with us via an affiliate network.

We partner with over 40 affiliate networks around the world (including AWIN, CJ Affiliate, ImpactRadius, Performance Horizon Group & Rakuten Linkshare) and are always on the lookout for new players to integrate with. If we don’t work with your network let us know where we can join!

As soon as we’re approved for your program on your affiliate network, our operations team will set you live in our system and we can get started.

WTF is an affiliate network and how do I join one?

Affiliate networks are third parties that enable publishers to join affiliate programs. We aggregate these networks into one platform, so our publishers can find all the merchants they want to work with now and new ones they want to work with in the future, in the same place.

We work with all the major affiliate networks so it shouldn’t matter which one you join. The best thing to do is talk to any of the ones we’ve mentioned above, choose the one best suited to your needs and location, and join up. Once you’re on a network and approve us for your program we can get started.

Which merchants do you work with?

Any and all. Of all shapes and sizes. You can see all the merchants we work with here.

I’m live on Skimlinks. How do I scale?

So glad you asked – we love helping our merchant accounts grow their affiliate revenues through our publishers!

There are a few really easy ways you can promote your program through Skimlinks:

– First if you’re a member of AWIN, ShareASale, Commission Junction or Rakuten Linkshare upload your offers in your network. We sync this information into the “Offers” area of our Publisher interface, so that our network of 57,000 publishers can find them and write about them.

– Then we highly recommend you open your program to all publishers: the more sites that can write about you, the more potential revenue you can drive from commerce content written about your brand and your products

– Last, something to consider is that when publishers think about the merchants to write about, as well as thinking about audience fit, they also look at the commission rates merchants offer and favour merchants paying higher commission rates because it means the publisher earns more when they drive a sale. For that reason we do advise increasing and varying commission rates to incentivise coverage. This also increases visibility as updated rates are communicated to publisher in emails and our Publisher Hub.

That looks great, but I want to know how I scale and become a top performing merchant in Skimlinks’ network?

Music to our ears! We have the perfect thing for becoming a top performing merchant too: Our Preferred Partner Program.

Access is based on revenue threshold from content publsihers and commission: once you generate a certain threshold of revenue and offer a blanket increase to our publishers at least 50% (e.g. from 6% to 9%) above your average you’re in.

In return for the increase you’ll gain access to reporting and insights on how you’re performing, increased exposure to our publishers in communications, and a named account manager to manage your growth too.

If you don’t meet the threshold you can also pay a monthly fee for access and sign up for the above benefits here.

So there you have it: our common answer to common questions about merchants and Skimlinks. If you want to know more about being a merchant with Skimlinks, check out our merchant page here

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