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Five content ideas publishers can monetize this September

Posted 5 months ago by Jean-Christophe Gombeaud

Think about September and a few things come to mind: Fall, Earth, Wind and Fire, Harvest, Forget-me-nots, Greenday. But one thing that doesn’t immediately come to mind is content ideas. Especially ideas that will help you monetize your content. Scratch the surface though and publishers can find a wealth of ideas to draw on. So we’ve put together a select few here to get you started.

National Grandparents Day:

If you’re scratching your head, you can be forgiven, National Grandparents Day is not on the scale of Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. But it does offer an alternative ecommerce opportunity in two ways. First it is traditional to give Forget-me-nots, which serve as the flower of September and offers publishers an opportunity to write about online flower merchants, of which there are many in Skimlinks’ network. Second, National Grandparents Day is focused on making memories, which gives publishers a great opportunity to monetize content around merchants focused on experiences. So for both these reasons, it is a great opportunity to create content you can monetize and earn revenue from.

National Yoga Month

National Yoga Day falls in June and is linked to the summer equinox. The National Yoga Month falls in September, and as consequently everyone who’s anyone will pay close attention to aligning their chakras during September, it is a great opportunity to write some commerce content. Whether you focus on mats, athleisure or the “clean living” lifestyle many yogis are keen on, there’s a lot of ways to get involved in the National Yoga Month fun.

Labor Day

This is a no brainer. Labor Day is a big sales day and the average Labor Day weekend shopper will spend almost $60. There is also a broad range of categories for publishers to write content about. There are opportunities in travel as people cross the US for the holiday, in retail as brands use the weekend for discounting and promotions, groceries for people planning parties, and also last chance for school supplies as the Back-To-School period closes. Keep a close eye on the Offers Tab in the Skimlinks Hub to spot deals for Labor Day as they’re added.

Winter Apparel

As summer draws to a close and fall…falls, people’s attention looks ahead to winter. Grim as the prospect of fading sunlight, cold weather and grey days may be, people also want to get prepared for them. So if you want to create some winter weather clothing content, September is a great time to get it ready and well indexed in search engines as people begin hunting. Google Trends Data shows interest begins rising from September 1, so this could be a good content idea to explore.

Indian Summer

Or alternatively, if summer clings on, as it seems to in recent years, think about Indian summer. Typically a period of warm weather that lingers into the fall, these are becoming more common as the years go by. Writing about it will depend on climate conditions, but this could be an excellent way to cash in on unexpectedly warm weather. If people have worn out clothes from wearing them all summer long, they’ll look for warm weather items to get them across the line, and that they can wear into next year. Retailers will also be looking to discount and shift summer stock, which could make this a win on all fronts.

So where previously you might have been dancing in September, hopefully know you have a couple new content ideas you can put into practice. Once you’ve written your article, you can find relevant merchants to link to using our public search pages.

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