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Calendar for Public Holidays and key shopping events in Singapore

Posted 3 months ago by Angelique Parungao

The average publisher on Skimlinks doubles their commerce content revenue in the holiday season. Commerce content goes beyond these festive celebrations, as shopping events happen all year long. In 2023, Singaporean publishers saw a 78% increase in their commissions and 82% in their total order value last year.

Here is a selection of public holidays and events that can inspire publishers to write for their audience in Singapore. Publishers may decide to write their articles several months in advance to get better SEO traction or simply because consumers are shopping early.

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Q1 2024

Think the New Year is a slow down in pace? Think again!

A New Year means new resolutions. Health and fitness products are among the key categories that perform well in the New Year, along with productivity and personal development products.

This quarter is also about Valentine’s day, and the celebrations surrounding the Chinese New Year Dates to bookmark in Q1 include:

Lazada Chinese New Year Sale January Shopping
Shopee Chinese New Year Sale January Shopping
New Year’s Day 1-Jan Holidays & Event
Chinese New Year 10-Feb Holidays & Event
Valentine’s Day 14-Feb Holidays & Event
Lazada Birthday Sale March Shopping
Zalora Birthday Sale March Shopping
Mar 8 – International Women’s Day 8-Mar Global Day
Mar 9 – Ramadan Start 9-Mar – 8-Apr Holidays & Event
White Day 14-Mar Holidays & Event
March Equinox 20-Mar Holidays & Event
Easter Sunday 31-Mar Holidays & Event


Q2 2024

Mothers, fathers, and workers are honoured with a special day this quarter. Mark these key retail dates on your calendar: 

April Fool’s Day 1-Apr Holidays & Event
Hari Raya Puasa 10-Apr Holidays & Event
Earth Day 22-Apr Holidays & Event
World Rugby SVNS 3-5-May Sports
Mother’s Day 12-May Holidays & Event
Vesak Day 22-May Holidays & Event
Great Singapore Sale June – July Shopping
6.6 Sale 6-June Shopping
Eid al-Adha 16-17-June Holidays & Event
Father’s Day 17-June Holidays & Event
International Yoga Day 21-June Global Day
Easter Sunday 31-Mar Holidays & Event


Q3 2024

This quarter commemorates the National Day and festive celebrations such as Muharram New Year and Moon Festival.

In early September, Apple normally releases new products, and towards the end of the month, retailers release advent calendars which sell out quickly. Key dates to bookmark in Q3 are:

7.7 Sale 7-July Shopping
Awal Muharram 7-July Holidays & Event
Racial Harmony Day 21-July Holidays & Event
8.8 Sale 8-August Shopping
National Day 9-August Holidays & Event
Teacher’s Day 6-September Holidays & Event
9.9 Sale 9-September Shopping
Moon Festival  17-September Holidays & Event
Formula 1 Grand Prix Singapore 20-22-September Sports


Q4 2024

In addition to Diwali and Christmas, the last quarter of the year brings in a lot of big shopping events. Each is a strong opportunity for publishers to produce commerce content. Key dates to bookmark include:

Children’s Day 4-October Holidays & Event
Diwali/ Dipavali 29-October Holidays & Event
Halloween 31-October Holidays & Event
Singles’ Day 11-November Shopping
Black Friday 29-November Shopping
Cyber Monday 2-December Shopping
Shopee Birthday Sale 12-December Shopping
Christmas Day 25-December Holidays & Event
New Year’s Eve 31-December Holidays & Event

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