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5 ecommerce events publishers should write commerce content about in Q2

Posted 4 months ago by Angus

Throughout the year specific “ecommerce events” like Black Friday give publishers a perfect starting point to create captivating commerce content. And the good news for publishers is that Q2 is full of them. So we’ve put together five our favourites that we think you should be writing about between April and June.

Father’s Day

Americans spend more than $15 billion on Father’s Day every year. People who celebrate Father’s Day spend around $134 each on dear old Dad, so it’s well worth cashing in on the holiday with some timely commerce content. There are different types of shoppers to take advantage of too: high consideration purchasers who want the perfect gift and last-minute buyers who want their life made easy with a list of products to pick from.

Here’s a good example of Father’s Day Commerce Content from WIRED.

Father’s Day takes place June 17.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is looming on the horizon in the US. And with $172 spent per Mother’s Day gift, this is a holiday well worth honing in on. Total spending in 2017 was just shy of $24 billion . Like Father’s Day people want to get the right present for Mom and spend a lot to do it. The kind of products people buy are broad too: Everything from jewelry, to experiences like spa days, and fashion items are in play.

Hello Magazine have a good example here, which pairs a product gallery with short individual reviews.

Mother’s Day takes place May 13.

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is a bit of a curve ball. For one thing it doesn’t celebrate a family member. For another there aren’t specific retail sales associate with it. But it does offer a good opportunity to create party planning content. You can feature recipes, drinks, decorations and more in Cinco de Mayo content. That also gives you a huge variety of merchants to pick from when you create your commerce content.

This post from is a good example of how to feature a diverse range of merchants and link back to a particular holiday.

Cinco de Mayo takes place May 5.

Memorial Day

Some spend it sat around the barbecue. Others hit the beach. And others, it seems, hit the store. In years gone by Memorial Day has been described as the billion dollar weekend and that means a lot of deals that make perfect fodder for commerce content. An unexpected opportunity for publishers might be travel merchants: 40% of Americans are on the move on Mother’s Day, spending around $12 billion, so helping them figure out how to make their travel as easy as possible could be a great way to write about the holiday.

Conde Nast Traveller have a great take on travel here with getaway suggestions.

Memorial Day takes place May 28.

International Sports Events

There are events that happen every year like Wimbledon and events that happen every four years like the soccer World Cup. Both offer a great commerce content creation opportunity. The events publicise the sports which in turn drive elevated sales of everything from sports apparel to sports equipment. So for something a little different, sports focused pieces could be a good choice this year.

Whichever event you decide to write about we’re sure you can find some of our 24,000 merchants to feature. Check out our Merchant Pages to find brands who have products you can feature right now.

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