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Disclosure and the Skimlinks URL Shortener

Posted 8 years ago by Skimlinks

If you’re seeking information about disclosing your use of affiliate links an updated post is available “here”:

Those using Skimlinks’ URL Shortener are required to use links in a responsible manner and with the right form of disclosure – we thought we’d share some information here:

How does it work?

Skimlinks shortened URL’s earn commissions from online retailers and service providers if people buy products and services through links. Because there is a monetary commission involved, there is a degree of responsibility with using these links.

What is disclosure?

It means telling your audience that you are potentially receiving some sort of benefit from the content or links you are writing about.

Why would users disclose?

To maintain authenticity with your readers, it’s right to disclose when you are marketing online or through word of mouth if you stand to benefit from an opinion, comment or recommendation.

How should users disclose?

If you are using Twitter, you don’t have much room in 140 characters – one suggestion is to use a hashtag e.g. #$ or #aff. It has also been suggested that you make a disclosure note in your Twitter profile. The same applies for all other social media platforms. For more about monetizing content on social media, download a copy of our “Social Media Guide”:

Are there laws about this?

By encouraging disclosure, we comply with FTC regulations that state; ‘When there exists a connection between the endorser and the seller of the advertised product which might materially affect the weight or credibility of the endorsement, such connection must be fully disclosed.’ Here is an informative guide from the FTC regarding endorsements: ‘The FTC’s Endorsement Guides’ and another helpful guide into making effective disclosures in digital advertising. We recommend complying with local disclosure laws from your country of residence.

For an example of a dedicated closure page, you can check out this example on UK newspaper “The Guardian”:

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