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Create a KILLER Social Media's Skimming the News!

Posted 5 years ago by Alasdair

So you’ve carefully crafted first-class content for your site but you’re still lacking on the readership front? This week we’ve sourced out the finest articles that will help grow your site through maximizing your tweets, improving your Google search image AND using neat WordPress plug-ins.

In other news, Facebook’s arch nemesis have shocked critics by smashing their $500k funding goal and Google have introduced new measures to sink copyright offenders down their search results. Happy Friday folks, it’s Skimming the News!


Take that, Facebook: New social utility blasts through $500K funding goal via Venture Beat
The entrepreneur who claims that he was ‘screwed over’ by Facebook has raised over $762,000 for his ad-free social network well over its $500k target. Dalton Caldwell developed the service to provide a safe-haven for users who want to protect their information from being sold on to advertisers in return for a $50 annual subscription fee. No doubt Caldwell will be thrilled at smashing his funding target given the criticism he received for the app. What are your thoughts on Would you be willing to pay a fee for an ad-free social networking site?

In Self-Imposed Alternative to SOPA, Google Will Ding Repeat Copyright Offenders in Search Results via All Things D
Google have chosen the self-regulation route to avoid SOPA legislation which would require search engines to block access to sites accused of copyright infringement. Google announced that they would lower sites with high numbers of copyright removal notices on their search rankings. The ranking change, they argue, would make finding legitimate sources of content easier for users. Do you agree? Or as some have pointed out- will this have little to no effect as users can simply scroll down and click through the search results?


7 WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Email Subscribers via Social Media Examiner
It’s difficult driving readers to your blog but getting them to subscribe is even harder. Social Media Examiner have helpfully sourced 7 handy WordPress plugins that can help grow your email subscribers- leaving you to focus on publishing great content. Our favourite plug-in is #3-using ‘Comment redirect’ to automatically thank readers for posting a comment. We’re all about reciprocity!

Want To Look Better In Google? Our Data Shows You The Best Ways [OUR FIRST INFOGRAPHIC] via Brand Yourself
Although Brand Yourself’s infographic is a not-so-subtle plug of the company’s services, it contains some helpful tips on how to improve your personal profile in Google’s search result. What did we learn? Featuring on the first page of Google results  is vital, as 94% of people don’t look beyond that page!

Maximizing your tweets via We Are Social (Fusework Studios)
A concise but extremely useful infographic brought to you by Fusework Studios. It includes the most effective days and times to tweet- did you know that engagement rate is 17% higher on the weekend? Plus it advises on the little tweaks you can make to ensure your tweets are retweeted. Thanks guys! Additional tip from Skimlinks- don’t forget to use our URL shortener in order to monetize your tweets!

How thoughtful social media strategy can influence people to buy – via Social Media Today
Daniel Herbert explores the mindset of consumers to provide tips on encouraging brand loyalty through social media channels. He uses real-life examples to demonstrate the methods in practise, such as Facebook’s use of the ‘like’ button as an intrinsic social reward that keeps users coming back. Who doesn’t get excited when their status starts clocking up likes? Be sure to include the our URL shortener in order to benefit from your loyal followers!

Daily Deal Users Look Local via eMarketer
Did you know that 43% of daily deal users would buy a deal because it was by their local business that they were already familiar with? No big surprise there but how can you ensure that your links are taking your readers to the right location? Luckily Skimlinks automatically geo-targets your affiliate links by country for you, phew!

UK Offers: Beauty, Fashion... & SKIMEXCLUSIVE!

Happy 5th Birthday Skimlinks!

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