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Comtent Club New York Recap

Posted 8 months ago by Alasdair

Last week we launched our Comtent Club, a new quarterly event, to bring publishers and merchants together to discuss comtent (commerce-related content). The event gives publishers and merchants an opportunity to discuss partnerships face-to-face, hear from industry experts about content monetization issues of the day, and helps foster comtent creation.

You can see photos below and on our Facebook page:

Our speakers

Jessica Probus, Director of Market & Nifty at Buzzfeed and Shane Roberts, Director of Commerce at Gizmodo Media Group appeared as our headline speakers, discussing their experiences running commerce teams and powering their organizations’ commerce strategy.

Their stories

Insights are everything

Jessica spoke about how Buzzfeed’s team are using data to improve how their content performs. Using Skimlinks insights, they can understand brand affinity, the products people care about and what items they should feature next to drive the best possible engagement.

Putting users first

Jessica also discussed how the Buzzfeed team only recommend things they know that users will 100% want to buy and spend a lot of time researching and reading reviews to find the perfect products to feature.

Hiring a comtent editor

Shane at Gizmodo talked about hiring a commerce editor, whose role is to create dedicated comtent and drive affiliate revenue. A key point was that a commerce editor needs to be an excellent editorial writer – like anyone else in the newsroom, commerce editors have to create content that engages the audience. They also have to be fascinated by the products that your audience cares about, as that will be what they create content around and where

Don’t miss the next Comtent Club

If you want to attend our next Comtent Club, to hear insights from leading publishing experts, network with top merchants, and set yourself up to create awesome comtent, email and we’ll make sure you’re notified as soon as we announce our next Comtent Club!

Skimlinks Merchant Update

Skimlinks Merchant Update 2

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