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Comtent Club London Roundup

Posted 9 months ago by Angus

Last night Skimlinks Comtent Club arrived in London. At an intimate venue in trendy Shoreditch, publishers and merchants came together to hear from industry experts, discuss partnerships face-to-face and hear from two industry experts on the content monetization issues of the day.

Our two speakers – Frankie Graddon from The Pool and Ashleigh Macro from IDG UK – work for very different publishers, but have something in common: They both spend a lot of time writing “comtent”, the commerce-related content that is powering growth of commerce as a fresh revenue stream for publishers around the world. They shared their take on how to create awesome comtent that resonates with readers, here are the key takeaways:

Key takeaways

Be authentic. The Pool put the reader at the center of their content creation. They know that their readers expect to be recommended quality products, so prioritise protecting that trust and always recommending products the team believes in. If it’s a choice between a quality product from a retailer who doesn’t offer commission, and a less good product that will pay commission, The Pool will always opt for the better quality item because it’s ultimately better for the reader.

Ensure you’re data driven. Every piece of comtent you write is a chance to understand your readers better. At The Pool, using Skimlinks tools, they can understand brand affinity in their readers and focus content around that. The more you know about readers, the content they like and the products they’ll buy, the more refined your affiliate strategy can become.

Use social media. The Pool is fashion and beauty focused, which makes social media a huge opportunity for them. Pinterest in particular has come forward as a valuable network for The Pool to work on. By embedding affiliate links using Skimlinks’ platform, they are reaching fashion and beauty shoppers on the platforms they’re on and capturing an audience that isn’t necessarily coming to the homepage.

Update existing posts. IDG often updates existing posts to keep them relevant, adding to them over time. They might start with rumours about a new smartphone, then add news content and then add where you can buy it. In this way the team anticipates what people will be searching for and provides an effective solution for them.

Monetize new formats too. The prevalence of Google AMP, Facebook IA and Apple News is a hot topic for publishers, but for IDG they’re already seeing success monetizing AMP. Working with Skimlinks, they can insert affiliate links into AMP articles, which is already growing and proving very successful.

Give it time. When Ashleigh started focusing on affiliate, she spent a day a week on it. As soon as it got off the ground, IDG recognised how profitable it could be and dedicated further resources. Now the editorial team are onboard too and always interested in how the content is performing to know what to write next.

See the video of the Comtent Club discussion here.

Our next Comtent Club will take place over the summer

If you want to attend our next Comtent Club, to hear insights from leading publishing experts, network with top merchants, and set yourself up for a great year creating comtent then contact and we’ll add you to the mailing list.

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