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Posted 5 years ago by Alasdair

It’s been a busy week here at Skimlinks- firstly our CTO Ciaran Rooney gave a talk about our APIs at Google Campus for Seed Camp 2012. If you didn’t make it then check out a recap here. Secondly, our blog made it into the Top 25 Affiliate Blogs of 2012, thank you to Affiliate Summit for including us!

In industry news: Vimeo joins the monetizing content crew, holiday shoppers will account for ¼ of all onlines sales in 2012 and Facebook users dislike back-to-school posts.
We’ve got top tips to help entice affiliates to your program and drive higher sales, a Google+ marketing 101 and simple ways to edit your photos to a high standard. Make like the Skimlinks London office and have a ‘Fleetwood Friday’…it’s Skimming the News!

Industry News
Savvy Shoppers Drive Robust Online Holiday Sales via eMarketer
According to a new eMarkter report, a quarter of all online sales in 2012 will come in the holiday season. Best news of all for online retailers- “consumers will turn to the internet to stay within their budgets, locate hard-to-find gifts and avoid crowded stores”. However this won’t necessarily be the case for all retailers. When we tweeted this huge stat one of our publishers, Ariel from OffBeatBride, pointed out that wedding industry sales mainly come through January to May. If your industry is expecting a big push for the holiday, be sure to check out last week’s post featuring tips to ensure you’re ahead of the game.

Vimeo ‘tip jar’ lets users pay creators for content via Wired
Wired labels Vimeo’s new ‘tip jar’ feature a step toward the battle to monetise user generated content- a battle that we feel we’re at the forefront of…so we’re thrilled to have another comrade! The video maker can activate a button labelled ‘tip this video’ so that the viewer can donate anything from $0.99 to $500 using their credit card or PayPal account. Vimeo takes a 15% commission and the rest of the payment can take up to 30 days to be added into the users account. Whilst it’s not quite automatic monetization, it gets a thumbs up from us. What are your thoughts on the ‘pay what you want’ model?

Facebook Users Don’t “Like” Back-To-School Posts [Infographic] via The Blog Herald
Facebook users not only dislike going back to school, apparently they don’t like sharing information about back-to-school products either! Expion have produced a report card infographic which clearly presents the findings of their analysis of  18 store types’ Facebook posts. And the results produced an F for back-to-school posts- they were liked 79% less than other posts.  Brands themselves resisted  getting involved in the back-to-school hype as only 16% of their posts were focused on back-to-school sales. What do you make of these findings? Were you surprised?

Top Tips
How To Use Affiliate Coupons To Drive Higher Sales via
Shoppers are continually on the hunt for the best deal- now more so than ever. Not only can you use coupons to drive higher sales, but as this article points out, you can use them to entice new or inactive affiliates to start representing your program.  So what are you waiting for? Go forth and multiply!

Google+ Marketing: Why Marketers Should Not Overlook Google+ via Social Media Examiner
Your business may already be using Twitter and Facebook as social media channels for your business, so you may be reluctant to take on another. But that’s exactly what Jesse Stay, an author of several marketing books, advises- that you add Google+ to the mix. The most convincing reason for engaging with Google+ marketing is that once you have an established a presence on Google+, your Google search ranking will increase.

How To Edit Pictures For Your Blog via
Although great written content will help your blog to be successful, it’s the visuals that will help take it to the next level. Particularly for retailers and publishers promoting products, you need to ensure that your images are attractive to grab readers attention. This post suggests two great phot0-editing sites to help pimp out your photos and ultimately, your posts.  More importantly though, they’re super easy to use! Once you’ve finished producing your super slick images, remember to place a link behind them as Skimlinks can affiliate those too.


Want more tips on monetizing your site? Check out the Skimlinks-sponsored eBook by forum aficionado Patrick O’Keefe- “Monetizing Online Forums”. Available for free at!

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