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Calendar for Public Holidays and E-Commerce Events in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Posted 10 months ago by Celeste Buckley

The average publisher on Skimlinks doubles their commerce content revenue in the holiday season. Commerce editors have more to write about than just Lunar New Year and Singles’ Day. With a 56.4% increase in Hong Kong and 84.4% in Taiwan in publisher commissions last year, commerce content is thriving in these markets. Skimlinks is delighted to share a list of Public Holidays and E-Commerce Events in Hong Kong and Taiwan to help you plan your 2023 editorial calendar. 

Publishers may consider writing their articles several months in advance to get better SEO traction or simply because consumers are shopping early.

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Q1 2023

Refreshes the e-commerce year with key shopping opportunities from Lunar New Year to White Day!

Jan 1 – New Year’s Day

Jan 10 – Golden Globes

Jan 22 – Feb 6 Lunar New Year

Feb 5 – Spring Festival/Lantern Festival

Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day

Mar 8 – International Women’s Day

Mar 14 – White Day

Mar 17 – World Sleep Day

Mar 20 – International Day of Happiness

Mar 22-31 – Zalora Birthday Sale

Mar 29 – Youth Day (Taiwan)

Q2 2023

Q2 is the season of celebration which marks Eid, Easter, Dragon Boat Festival, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with a special mention of Hong Kong Fashion Week. Consider planning content around these key moments:

Apr – May – Sephora Beauty Insider Sale

Apr 1 – April Fool’s Day

Apr 4 – Children’s Day

Apr 5 – Qingming Festival (Hong Kong)

Apr 7 – Good Friday

Apr 9 – Easter Sunday

Apr 10 – Easter Monday

Apr 14 – 23 – Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival

Apr 20-30 – Hong Kong Fashion Week

Apr 22 – Earth Day

May 1 – Labor Day (May Day)

May 4 – Star Wars Day

May 14 – Mother’s Day

June – July – Summer Sales/End of Season Sales

June – International Pride Month

June 6 – 6.6 Shopping Event

June 18 – 618 Shopping Festival

June 18 – Father’s Day

June 21 – International Yoga Day

June 22 – Dragon Boat Festival

June 30 – Social Media Day


Q3 2023

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, Q3 is the season when consumers update their wardrobes and make their travel plans. In early September, major retailers launch attractive summer sales, and fashion labels launch their Autumn / Winter collections. Towards the end of the quarter, retailers release advent calendars that sell out quickly! Bookmark these key e-commerce dates in your calendar today!

July 20 – Ang 20 – FIFA Women’s World Cup

Aug 8 – 8.8 Shopping Event

Ang 22 – Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day) 

Sep 1 – Back to School

Sep 9 – 9.9 Shopping Event

Sept 29 – Mid Autumn Festival (moon Festival)

End of Sept – Mid Oct – Taipei Fashion Week (Taiwan)


Q4 2023

Q4 ends the year with the biggest shopping season as Golden Week, Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas dominate sales in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Mark these dates in your diary to maximize your commerce content! 

Oct – Dec – Year End Sale

Oct 1 – China National Day

Oct 1-7  – Golden Week

Oct 23 – Chung Yeung Festival 

Oct 10 – Double 10 Days (National Day) 

Oct 21 – Overseas Chinese Day

Oct 31 – Halloween 

Nov 1 – World Vegan Day

Nov 11 – Singles’ Day

Nov 24 – Black Friday

Nov 27 – Cyber Monday

Dec 1 – Holiday Gift Guides released

Dec 1-24 – Christmas Shopping

Dec 12 – 12.12 Shopping Event

Dec 22 – Dongzhi Festival

Dec 24 – Christmas Eve

Dec 25 – Christmas Day

Dec 31 – New Year’s Eve

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