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Black Friday: The holiday that stole Christmas?

Posted 1 year ago by Angus
affiliate marketing

Checkout all the trends that are in for the 2016 Holiday season right here.

Everyone knows that Cyber Monday and Black Friday matter, but did you know how important Thanksgiving, Saturday and Sunday are too? Across the Thanksgiving Weekend, 4.9% of all purchases will be made on Thanksgiving, Saturday and Sunday.

Publishers need to be thinking about their editorial strategy in advance, merchants need to understand how to best spread their offers to capitalize on the season and agencies need to know the best time to target in-market users or risk missing out on one of the most valuable times of the year.

Which is why we put together our holiday guide: “Black Friday: The holiday that stole Christmas?”

Inside you’ll find:

- Insights into the past three holiday seasons and consumer purchasing habits

- A deep dive on how December has changed as a result of the growth of Black Friday

- A case study on strategies for ecommerce success in the holidays
And much, much more

Download a PDF copy of the guide here.

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