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All about the #Skimlove

Posted 3 years ago by Skimlinks

From the very beginning of its existence, Skimlinks has had a strong sense of company values and culture. During those initial beginnings when Skimlinks grew from an idea into the multi-national organisation it is today, there was a constant spirit of camaraderie, tenacity and a belief that if you approach business with integrity and sincerity then your team and your customers will respect and show loyalty to that.

Though Skimlinks has seen plenty of growth since the company’s humble early days, those values have not changed and a company culture reflective of those core ideals has developed organically. We hired people that shared those beliefs and were passionate about our mission. We gained customer loyalty, grew a team of passionate Skimlinkers and we started to label those successes Skimlove.

#Skimlove started as a hashtag we used in our inter-office communications to describe a customer win that came about because we cared i.e. When our customers chose Skimlinks not because we discounted our product but when they understood that we would go “above and beyond” to deliver excellent customer service.

We also started to use #skimlove to describe those moments that highlighted the camaraderie, the love for the team and the fun of what we were doing everyday. It represents the level of care we put into helping our customers, the team environment, celebrating tech and company developments together and making every day fun and challenging.

Treating a business like a family, making every interaction you have with a person count, and creating a rich and rewarding place to work is not easy and often overlooked.

“Many first-time start-up founders struggle to devote time to define their culture from the beginning, only to come to the painful realization that culture certainly has an impact on the operational side of business. Seasoned founders and CEOs who believe there is room for culture from the beginning experience less culture-related stress as they grow.” — Corey McAveeney, Founder of Kulturenvy

Alicia Navarro and Joe Stepniewski (Skimlinks co-founders) were very aware of culture and its potential impact (positive and negative) on an organisation. They knew that culture isn’t a ping-pong table, or yoga, or beer fridges in office… those are perks. They saw culture as establishing a core value that drives the business and helps promote and perpetuate those values, identifying employees who fit with our mission and helping to make work a fun place to be.

Culture can’t just flow from the founders. As we have grown we have asked each leader and team member to act as a cultural ambassador and fly the flag for Skimlove. In addition, we have a culture committee to ensure that we consistently focus on improving the working environment for all our team and that we live up to ideals of Skimlove as an employer.

To keep the Skimlove spirit alive, we’re always on the hunt for new initiatives that allow us to develop the culture and experience for every team member including Skimovation (our Innovation program); Skim’N’Tell (Weekly company gathering), Ask Alicia (Q&A with our CEO), the Skimlinks Mystery Tour (our infamous Christmas trip to a mystery location in Europe), the monthly birthday parties, the Skimlove team engagement survey and other ideas we’re always dreaming up.

We hope this gave you a peek into the meaning of #Skimlove and its importance in our company ethos. For even more insight into the meaning of Skimlove and how it’s embraced at Skimlinks, check out the Skimlinks Culture book:

Want to learn more about Skimlinks and what it’s like to work here? Visit us at

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