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Affiliates Gone Green: Eco-Friendly Earning for your Site

Posted 11 months ago by Angus Quinn

When you think about what you could do to save the world, it is unlikely that commerce content has ever come to mind.

But carbon neutral commerce content is a thing, with thousands of brands and retailers looking to cash-in on the growth of the green dollar. That in turn means thousands of opportunities for publishers to create eco-friendly commerce content that helps readers make ethically-minded purchases.

And as recent climate protests around the world have shown, the world is listening and watching, so now is a perfect opportunity to embrace eco-friendly earning on their websites. Commerce content focused on renewable energies is a good place to start.

Find green products your readers love

Chances are if you already have a commerce strategy then you know the brands and products your readers care about. You likely also know the topics they’re invested in too. So take that information and look at how you can adapt it for environmental ends. If you’re a beauty site, odds are you can find animal-testing and environmentally friendly products to feature.

Same goes for technology. There’s been a massive boom in solar-powered items and this can be a great way to help your readers find products that don’t harm the planet.

Of course you should pick products you yourself believe in and identify with. But if you can match up items you like, with items that help save the planet, you can give readers’ a great experience and promote a noble cause too.

Support Sustainable Retailers

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their choice of brands and how that impacts the planet. The fashion industry is responsible for between 8-10% of manmade greenhouse gas emissions, but fashion is also a mainstay of commerce content articles around the world. So publishers have an opportunity here to seek out greener fashion brand alternatives, still get rewarded for sales their content inspires and help the planet too.

In particular, consumers are concerned about delivery processes, with 43% of shoppers picking brands that offer sustainable shipping options. Free delivery is all well and good but if it comes with an environmental impact you may switch readers off.

So if you are considering creating green content commerce, think about how focusing on sustainable retailers might be a simple way to create an article that can have a big impact in terms of reader engagement and commerce revenue generated.

Vegans are on the up

The vegan scene has exploded in recent years. Across every category you can think of – fashion, beauty, tech, homewares, stationery, sportswear and more – people are looking for ways to make purchases that help the planet.

So content around vegan items has exploded. The number of vegans in the US grew by 600% between 2014-2017 and while overall that number remains small (6% of population), it is a growing market that commerce content can cater for.

Vegans are more concerned than most consumers about the products they’re buying and making the right decision. So environmentally friendly content aimed at this group could work wonders. That might be leather alternative handbags, or vegan-friendly stationery. Whatever your kind of content, chances are you can find a vegan angle.

However you approach eco-friendly earning from commerce content know this: The green issue is only going to get bigger and people are only going to want to learn more about what they’re buying. Head to the merchant section in the Publisher Hub and start picking out green friendly brands to write about today.

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