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Maximize your ecommerce revenue with Skimlinks' Best Practice Guide

Posted 1 year ago by Skimlinks
affiliate markteers

Download the PDF copy of our Best Practice Guide here.

The lines between content and commerce are becoming increasingly blurred. The longstanding divide between editorial and commercial teams is fracturing, but does this really spell the end of editorial integrity?

From native advertising to dedicated commerce teams, publishers have been experimenting with a variety of methods to adapt to the changing landscape; we’ve taken the best of what we’ve seen over the years and compiled it into a Best Practice Guide to help you find the right solution for your organization.

What’s inside the Best Practice Guide?

- Commerce-related content (aka ‘comtent’): What is it and how does it work?

- Comtent in action: Team structure and processes

- Implementation styles

- Implementation styles: One size doesn’t fit all

- How to use data to inform content creation and grow ad revenue

Download a FREE PDF copy of the Best Practice Guide here.

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