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9 great examples of shoppable content

Posted 11 months ago by Skimlinks

Shoppable content is taking the world by storm. More and more publishers are looking at commerce-focused content, or “comtent”, as a way to create excellent content that drives excellent revenue too. With that in mind we’ve put together this list of 9 great examples of shoppable content to help inspire your content creation.

1. Mail Online: Femail Fashion Finder

Mail Online monetizes it’s celebrity focused content using get the look modules, that appear either as articles, or as a popup.

2. Gawker Media (Kinja Deals)

Gawker keep things short and sweet, often featuring single items with specific reviews rather than going for longer lists of items.

3. Hearst (Best Products)

Heart’s standalone commerce site Best Products covers a broad variety of categories extremely well.

4. Refinery 29 (Photo Galleries)

Refinery29 is focused on naturally featuring products everyday and uses photo galleries to great effect to showcase products their readers care about.

5. The Wirecutter

The Wirecutter leads with in depth reviews and roundups. Going into detail helps reassure readers they’re making the right purchase.

6. Gear Patrol

When we talk about shoppable, commerce-related content, we often talk about timely content (that is seasonally focused) and timeless content, which with a few updates can be used over and over. Gear Patrol do a great job of this, successfully monetizing articles by continuing to update them over time, like this piece on leather bags.

7. Buzzfeed

This is a great piece from Buzzfeed that shows use of multiple links in product descriptions, which increases click through rate and use of items at different price points to cater to the broadest audience possible.

8. New York Magazine’s The Strategist

Commerce-related content is first and foremost excellent content. It has to be, to ensure people are engaged, enjoy it and ultimately inspired to make a purchase based off it. This piece from New York Magazine’s The Strategist shows exactly how to do that.

9. Racked (Gift Guides)

Gift guides are the simplest form of shoppable content. They’re perfect for seasonal periods and offer a real service to readers. This example from Racked is perfect, packed with a great variety of products and attention to detail.

With these content examples, you’re fully equipped to go away and start creating shoppable content that provides a service to your readers and earns you revenue.

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