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5 blog post ideas to try this Halloween

Posted 2 months ago by Skimlinks

The weather is cooling down and the crisp fall air is upon us, but the holiday season is just heating up. In the month of October, Halloween is a timely opportunity to showcase themed  commerce-related content that creatively captures the season while also focusing on products, retailers, brands or services to inspire your readers.

Halloween-themed content can have many applications and we’ve got several ideas to get you started.

1.) Seasonal content for any and every publisher

37 eerie Halloween wedding ideas you may not even know exist

Halloween isn’t just about candy and costumes, for some it can be about the most meaningful day of their life. And as this post from Offbeat Bride shows, there is a way to shape any season to suit the content you create.

2) Inspiration posts

You’ll Have the Most Popular Halloween Costume With This Wicked Witch Makeup Look

Halloween is an imaginative holiday and when it comes to inspiration for this holiday the sky is the limit. So posts themed around makeup or costumes can be a great way to engage readers, inspire them and help them make onward purchases. It is a great way to create beauty posts, as the above post from Cosmopolitan demonstrates.

3.) Whole Costumes

30 Unique Costumes Ideas for Halloween 2018

Halloween may be a day of the dead, but for the non-DIY-savvy it can be a nightmare. So publishers can provide a great service to readers with buying guides, helping them quickly and easily buy what they can’t make themselves, like this post from Allure around unique Halloween costume ideas.

4.) Or parts of costumes

7 Cardi B Halloween Costumes That’ll Make You The Life of The Party

Some people go out for Halloween and some people like to make more of a minimal effort. And for those people, posts that pick out individual parts of a costume like cool contact lenses or in Refinery29’s case wigs by Cardi B are a great way to capitalise on people who want to be part of a costume and repurpose something else from their closet for the rest of the look.

5.) Halloween decorations

50+ Easy Halloween Decorations You Need for This Year’s Party

Halloween is no longer a one-night-holiday. It has become an entire season, where people go to great lengths to decorate their homes inside and outside. So decorations focused content is a great way to write about the holiday and as this example from Woman’s Day shows, you can also include DIY tips and tutorials to provide a really valuable service to your readers.

These are just a few ideas for incorporating the Halloween season in your content strategy. In order to maximize the timeliness of the holiday be sure to publish posts at the right time. Use Google Trends or other resources to look up associated keywords for each trend to determine how you could create a new, yet still relevant post on the topic (and the optimal time to publish.

You can start finding merchants for your Halloween content through our Merchant Search pages.

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