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3 Things You Need To Know About SEO & Affiliate Marketing

Posted 9 months ago by Angus

We’re often asked about SEO and whether working with Skimlinks will affect your PageRank. Here’s three points that should help lay the matter to rest:

1. Affiliate marketing helps publishers make money from their content

It isn’t aimed at boosting merchant’s page rankings artificially. As long as you are up front about monetization, clear when you have been paid to write content and are using rel=”nofollow” on the link, there’s no reason for Google to penalize your SEO ranking.

2. Publishers aren’t being paid to add a link to their site

A link only becomes monetized when someone clicks on it and goes on to purchase an item as a result. Unless the publisher link is the last link clicked before the purchase, there is no guarantee of payment from an affiliate link.

3. There’s still full editorial integrity in affiliate marketing

This is not sponsored content. Instead publishers choose the content they want to write and the products they want to feature, and our technology simply enables you to be rewarded for the purchase intent your content is driving to retailers. Long term this builds more trust with readers and drives up repeat traffic.

So long as the content you are writing is high quality, you’re clear that you are monetizing your content and are upfront in instances where you have been paid to write content, you need not worry about your SEO / PageRank.

Need more tips and tricks? Check out our resources section.

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