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3 Content Ideas For Father’s Day

Posted 5 months ago by Angus Quinn

It’s the holiday where we celebrate dear old Dad and shower him in affection.

And Father’s Day has grown into a major ecommerce event, with 75% of Americans celebrating it and British consumers spending over £650 million each year.

While things may have changed in 2020 in a big way, what didn’t change on Father’s Day was high performance in our network and in fact we had record results last year.

Across our global network traffic grew 150% year-on-year, order value rose 215% and publisher commissions rose 230% making Father’s Day a great commerce content opportunity for publishers.

So here’s three easy commerce content ideas to get you set up for success around Father’s Day:

1. Virtual Gifts

Worldwide searches for “gift card online” have grown 100% year-on-year and as many territories still grapple with the difficulties of Covid restrictions on movement, there’s been a corresponding boom in virtual gifts. For regions where lockdowns are still imposed, “quarantine Father’s Day” articles like this one from Good Housekeeping are a great way to inspire readers and help them make the most of the special day.

2. First Father’s Day

Thanks to a lockdown baby boom there are plenty of New Dad’s on the scene. With their first Father’s Day often “unique” or “personalised” gifts will perform best. They help show you care and are something they’ll be able to cherish for years to come as their children grow up. You can also be broad with the products you include in First Father’s Day articles, from kitchen items for Dad’s that are getting back to cooking, to a comfy pair of slippers to take the weight off after a long day looking after little ones.

3. Last minute gift ideas

Sometimes holidays slip our minds and fortunately when that happens there are now plenty of retailers with fast delivery timelines. “Last Minute Gift” content is also popular at Father’s Day, so rounding up merchants with fast delivery for time poor readers can be a real strategy for success at this key event.

You can use our Merchant Search to find brands for your articles right now. And if you aren’t already, you can sign up as a Publisher.

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