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3 Content Ideas For Father’s Day

Posted 6 months ago by Angus Quinn

It’s the pater-praising holiday, that’s been celebrated since the middle ages and now commands annual spend in access of $50 billion.

And Father’s Day, besides being the purported fifth-largest card-sending holiday of the year, is also a growth ecommerce opportunity.

People spend $135 each during Father’s Day and that rises to $188 for 18-24 year olds, so there’s a big opportunity for publishers to drive high value purchases in this period. And based on our brand new Father’s Day Insights Report, we’ve put together a few suggestions for how you can make the most of Father’s Day.

1. Think About Transport

It may come as a surprise but transport is one of the strongest performing product verticals in Skimlinks’ network. Millions are on the move during Father’s Day, travelling by car, plane and train to reach their final destination. Helping people figure out where the best deals are, and how to get back home without breaking the bank is a great service, and one publishers are well placed to provide. This kind of commerce content not only enables publishers to drive sales, but also ranks well in search engines as people search for options for their trip.

2. Take advantage of technology

It is a strong performer at the best of times and Father’s Day makes technology even stronger. High tech fathers embrace everything from cellphones, to desktop, to gaming and more. So there’s plenty of material for publishers to think about covering in their commerce content. It could focus on a single big ticket item like a review for a top-range TV, or be a curated gift guide of the best tech deals for Father’s day. Whatever form content takes at Father’s Day, technology should deliver success.

3. Beauty has a time and a place too

It may come as a surprise but cosmetics experiences a slight uplift during Father’s Day in order value in our network. Whether that’s because Dads are taking better care of their appearance, looking for ways to fight off old age, or receiving an unsubtle hint about how they look from their family, cosmetics and beauty opens up a whole new avenue for publishers to explore around Father’s Day.

So there are three simple ideas to make the most of Father’s Day. If you want more ideas, you are in luck as we have a new dedicated Father’s Day Insights Report full of data, learnings and best practices you can apply to make the most of the big day.

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