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2013 Affiliate Marketing predictions plus find out how marketers can HACK's Skimming the News!

Posted 5 years ago by Alasdair

Happy New Year!! The world didn’t end on December 21st (phew!) and now we’re feeling a little fragile from ringing in the new year. Nonetheless we’re excitedly anticipating the year ahead as affiliate marketing and eCommerce predictions look scorching for 2013- see below to find out the forecasts from industry experts including our Marketing Director, Aaron Weissman. Get Freudian smart with 3 clever tips to hack eCommerce from our Marketing Coordinator, Meghan Bender. (How did they manage to produce these pieces straight after the holiday?!)
We’ve also  got some mCommerce December stats from Affiliate Window plus tips on affiliate video marketing; AND how to effectively engage with your online community. Hope the January blues aren’t getting you down too much…it’s Skimming the News!


Affiliate Marketing Predictions for 2013 via Geno Prussakov
2013 looks set to be a very exciting year for affiliate marketing according to predictions by industry experts, including our very own Aaron Weissman. Forecasts include the ‘mainstreaming’ of affiliate marketing, omni-channel marketing and and the explosive growth of mobile commerce. We can’t wait!

Affiliate Window reports surge in mobile transactions in 2012 via The Drum
Almost one in five clicks across Affiliate Window’s network came via a mobile device in the run-up to Christmas, up 7.42 per cent year on year. The performance marketing network also report a rise in conversion rate through mobile devices from 3.89% to 4.37% in December which they attribute to the increasing number of advertisers developing mobile-optimized sites and affiliate tracking.

What does 2013 hold for ecommerce retailers? via Internet Retailing
Some more 2013 predictions…this time the eCommerce edition! This article describes 2012 as a year of slow but steady growth in UK online and multichannel ecommerce and features opinions from voices in the UK industry. Rakuten singles out ‘curated commerce’ as one of their six key trends to fuel ecommerce growth in 2013, something which we discussed in this blog post. Other forecasts predict a shift to centralised stock management to speed up deliveries, increase in personal engagement with customers and new methods of taking payments.


3 Ways Marketers Can Hack eCommerce in 2013 via imediaconnection
This article by our Ohio native, Meghan Bender, should really be called ‘3 Ways Marketers Can Hack the Consumer Psyche’. These tips are effective because they are linked to human psychology. For example, we are constantly looking for posts to navigate us through life hence why shopping events and holidays such as ‘Black Friday’ prove successful. The bottom line? Retailers should always capitalize on cultural phenomenons that already exist.

How Can Affiliate Video Marketing Benefit You? via Business2Community
If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you’re already clued up on affiliate marketing for your site. But have you tried out affiliate video marketing? As this article points out, not only is it cost effective but it helps to increase traffic to your site! Streamline the process even further by using Skimlinks to automatically affiliate your links.

3 Tips For Effectively Growing & Managing Your Online Community via TopRank
As this article points out, effectively engaging with your online community can lead to some great advantages such as connecting with a thought leader in your industry and gaining invaluable insights of your customers. But how can you develop and maintain an online community in a meaningful way? Ashley Zeckman provides the answers with 3 great, detailed tips. Here’s a teaser: if you want to make friends, be friendly!

26 Essentials for Blogging Success: What You Need to Know via Social Media Examiner
It may sound like a cliche but why not endeavour to use the new year as an excuse to revamp your blog using these brilliant tips from Social Media Examiner? From handy plugins to SEO to design elements, this post has all you need to inject some new life into your blog and lead it to success.


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