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Skimlinks works with all types of online publishers

If you've got commerce-related content, we can monetize it!

Blogs & Editorial

Focus on your content and community instead of fussing with ad technology.

We’re the perfect partner for sites with product-related links and keywords on any niche from fishing to fashion or technology to travel. No advertising, no banners, just simple relevant links to retailers your users love.

  • Any vertical
  • Instant earnings
  • Zero cost

Read The Gothamist case study

News sites

Maintain your editorial voice with behind-the-scenes monetization.

Maintain your editorial voice with behind-the-scenes monetization.

  • Editors never have to create or maintain an affiliate link again.
  • Customize how your links are formatted to make a clear distinction between editor-added links and third-party links.
  • Only use Skimlinks on the sections of your site you want to monetize, skipping sensitive news content completely.
Read The Independent case study

Online Communities

If your forum or community loves to discuss products and services, Skimlinks could unlock a new revenue stream you'd usually miss out on.

  • Automatically convert user product references into affiliate links.
  • Keep complete control over what does and doesn’t become affiliated. Set up specific sub-forums or user groups, in case you want to disable affiliate links for premium users or exclusive sub-forums.
  • Keep your community’s experience intact without irrelevant ads in their way and the ability to opt out.
Read the Netmums case study

Content Networks

Automate affiliate marketing across your entire network.

With so many domains, we know it would (and probably does) take hours for your team to create and maintain affiliate links across all of your sites every day. And if you wanted to aggregate the data and optimize your results, it would take even longer.

  • Skimlinks takes the heavy lifting out of monetizing your commerce-related content so your editors can focus on writing great content.
  • Monetize product links and references across all of your domains.
  • Control how and where links are affiliated on a domain and page level.
  • Understand how your commerce-related content is performing and how your users are engaging with it across all of your sites.

Mobile Apps

Skimlinks is mobile optimized so you can easily monetize mobile apps or sites and earn money from the links in your mobile content.

App developers get access to our Link-API so you can use Skimlinks on any platform including:

  • Adobe Flash applications
  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • iOS
  • Android

Commercial Platforms

Create a new revenue stream from any type of content for you and your publishers.

Skimlinks partners with publisher platforms and tools to make content monetization easy for large scale implementations.

  • Provide your publishers with the ability to earn money from their content
  • Enhance your network proposition – Offer an innovative service and share revenues with your publishers
  • Simple to integrate and deploy – we treat your users as well as you do.
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