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Types of sites and average commissions for Skimlinks

Posted 6 years ago by Alicia Navarro

Many of our clients ask us what they can expect to earn via Skimlinks. It varies in so many ways, but we are starting to build a picture of what different types of publishers should expect from our service.

What type of site?

Firstly, the best performing sites are forums, by a long stretch. Forums generate a greater sense of community and interactivity, and as the content is generated by users for other users, carries a higher degree of authenticity than editorial content. Also, the people reading forums tend to be closer to a purchase decision, and are more likely to click on outbound links.

For example, one of our clients achieves conversion rates of over 7% on their forum. They also have an enormously high rate of users clicking on outbound links, up to 20% of users viewing a page click on an outbound link on that page. We are able to convert on average 10% of links into affiliate links. This means a good forum site can easily make thousands per month using Skimlinks.

On the other hand, blogs and content sites have a slightly lower conversion rate: 1-2% depending on the nature of the site. This is in line with industry average conversion rates, so is by no means a poor result, but does suggest that social media elements like forums can help boost earnings.

Average Commission?

We also get asked about things like average basket sizes and average commissions. This again varies based on the content of the publisher site: technology-oriented sites have a larger basket size, although fashion sites are not far behind. We are doing well also with car accessory sites, and eco-friendly products is a fast growing area for us. The average basket size is about £50, but we see examples from £40 to £75.

Average commission vary based on product type. Technology merchants and general stores have a lower rate: 2-4%, with niche stores and many fashion merchants at around 10%.

Great Merchants

We often get asked what our favourite merchants are: at the moment there are two:
  • Love Honey has a great site and range of products, and pays great commissions
  • Ebay (both the UK and US) have a fantastic program, both in terms of their rates of commission and the people that run the programs.


We heartily encourage all our merchants to think about incorporating these merchants into their sites, eg. “Weekly Ebay favourites” and for appropriate sites “Best female toy of the week” ;)

That is generally the best we can provide in terms of figures, the rest depends on the publisher’s traffic levels and the propensity of their users to click through on outbound links. We can give further tips to interested publishers, just get in contact.

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