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Holiday eCommerce is CRAAAAZY! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted 2 years ago by Kasia Grobelny

We all know that the holiday season is the peak shopping time of the year, both online and off, but just how much are people spending and what else could we do with all that money? Could the amount spent on 2012 holiday e-commerce in the U.S. buy every single NFL team?! We wonder the same types of things, which is why we put together this fascinating infographic. Given that Holiday e-Commerce spending is growing by an estimated 15% from $47 to $54 billion in the U.S. alone; suffice it to say that holiday spending is bonkers!

So without further adieu, we are thrilled to present 2nd annual Holiday e-Commerce infographic: Holiday eCommerce is CRAAAAZY!“ <— Check it out by clicking the link to the left or clicking on the image below! If you’d like, please feel free to embed the infographic on your own site or share with friends!

[Editor’s note: Make sure you are using Skimlinks (sign up) to get rewarded for online holiday purchases! If you are already a Skimlinks publisher and want some tips on how to make the most of the Holiday Season (cha-ching!) check out our recent tips and suggested calendar blog post. For reference, you can find our 1st annual Holiday e-Commerce infographic here:The 2011 Skimlinks Black Friday & Holiday Season Guide.”]


In 2012 holiday sales will reach $925 Billion

On average it takes 5 trips to the mall to finish holiday shopping
24% of holiday sales will be online

eCommerce will make up $224 billion in sales in 2012

That’s more than the 2011 GDP of

  • -Romania ($189.8 billion)
  • -Pakistan ($210.6 billion)
  • -Phillipines ($213.1 billion)
  • -Ireland ($217.7 billion)

$224 billion in stacked $20 bills would reach 700,000 miles high- more than a round trip to the Moon! (Which is 238,900 miles away)

The holiday season alone will account for $54.5 billion

  • -It’s enough to feed 25,000 people for a year
  • -It’s enough to buy every NFL team ($35.424 billion)
  • -Its enough to buy a fleet of 25 B-2 Bombers

In 2011 14% of smartphone users made purchases on their phone
48.6% of tablet owners made purchases on their tablets
In 2012, 64% plan to use their device more

In 2011 the #1 biggest shopping day was Cyber Monday
Total 2011 CM sales = $1.25 billion
Up 22% over 2010
Average order size was $198.26
49% of orders were made from work
6.6% shopped on their mobile devices

The average holiday shopper spends $107.50 on themselves

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