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Super Bowl social media ads, Amazon work email and Snapchat's Discover feature...It's Skimming the News!

We hope you’ve all had a great week! It was an exciting one for us with the launch of our brand new website, check out the new and improved! And here’s the latest in tech news this week:

A solution to click fraud: Internet bots have been around for a while, with our main defense against them being the dreaded CAPTCHA technology. In this Business Insider piece two entrepreneurs say they’ve found a solution: sophisticated software that analyzes users mouse movements, quickly detecting a bot versus a human user.

Twitter launches video: This week, Twitter launched its new video product, which allows users to record, edit and of course tweet short video clips through the app. Re/Code explores the impact will have on the company’s future video advertising efforts and one of its own properties: video-sharing app Vine.

Snapchat’s new Discover feature: Popular messaging app Snapchat announced their Discover feature this week, described as a channel guide with unique curated content and brand ads, refreshed daily. TechCrunch takes a closer look at the new feature and potential implications for future ad revenue.

Apple surpasses earnings: There’s no denying the power of Apple, the company posted a revenue of $74.6 billion and net profit of $18 billion for its first fiscal quarter. The earnings far exceeded estimates and this Gigaom piece highlights the details of the successful quarter.

Facebook on the decline: Though it remains the world’s biggest social network, a new survey shows that Facebook usage is slowly on the decline. Out of 8 top social networks, Facebook was the only big network to experience a drop in active usage last year. Forbes breaks down the details.

The importance of “the everywhere customer”: On average, Americans own four digital devices and expect to have the same brand experience across channels. Companies who use and promote their content on various channels are reaping the rewards. This Gigaom report looks at how businesses can build toward everywhere customer service.

Social media’s role in the Super Bowl ad game: The big game is this Sunday and advertisers are keen to get their brands noticed by the 100 million plus viewers who will be watching. With the high price of TV spots, advertisers are looking to social media to promote their content, AdExchanger tells us how they’re strategizing.

Amazon announces work email: E-commerce giant Amazon announced their new email service platform aimed at the office, WorkMail. The service allows users to send and receive emails, manage contacts and share calendars stored on Amazon’s cloud servers. VentureBeat looks at the impact of this announcement and the company’s additional plans for the workplace.

And just for fun, an easy way to make a GIF.

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