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Device trends in the content publisher landscape

Last year, we conducted an in-depth mobile usage study across our network to find out how people were using (or not using) their phones to engage with content and purchase phones.

Though there have been many studies conducted on this subject, we have a unique viewpoint to add to this discussion. By helping over 1.5 million websites and mobile apps worldwide monetize their content creation, ...

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How publishers are leveraging comtent to drive revenue

If you can’t tell, we’re all about the comtent. New here? Let’s back up a bit. You’re probably wondering what exactly is comtent? Well, it’s short for commerce-related content, which is, editorial or user-generated content that’s centered around products, retailers, brands or services.

Covering everything from buying guides to image galleries, product reviews and listicles, this type of enga...

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Verizon acquires AOL, Facebook launches Instant Articles and Google's self-driving cars hit the streets... It's Skimming the News!

Swinging into mid-May with another impactful week in the tech world. Acquisitions, new product announcements and for fun a quick quiz to measure your monetization success, brought to you by yours truly ;) Let’s see what’s up in this week’s edition of Skimming the News!

Verizon acquires AOL: Telecom giant Verizon announced that they’d acquired good ol’ AOL for a deal worth $4.4 billion. The ...

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How much of a monetization rockstar are you?

Are you monetizing your content as well as you think? Take our quiz to find out!

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Content monetization explained

Google ‘content monetization’ and you’ll get about 2 million results. Needless to...

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Skimlinks LIVE: C2C ‘15 Highlights

After last year’s highly successful event in New York, we felt it was time to bring...

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The essentials of creating a buying guide

These days, it’s safe to say that online shopping has become the preferred method of...

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News app Circa seeks a buyer, Tesla moves into batteries and Microsoft guesses your age... It's Skimming the news!

Hard to believe that May is officially here. Here’s the latest in tech happenings for...

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