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Pinterest's monetization, programmatic video and mobile ad attribution... It's Skimming the News!

The latest happenings in tech — from Pinterest’s new monetization model to the rise of programmatic video, Skimming the News has got you covered.

The problem of mobile advertising attribution: Thanks to our ever-connected world, marketers are struggling to solve the mobile advertising attribution i.e. figuring out which piece of promotional or social content viewed on mobile led to a purcha...

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How to create a media kit

In our 3rd resolution, we wrote why having a killer media kit is crucial to working with brands. Not only does it show you take your site seriously, it’s the stepping stone you’ll need to connect with brands and retailers and of course, get paid for the content you create.

So what exactly is a media kit?

Simply put, it’s a document that highlights your site and gives prospective sponsor...

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New Year, New Content- Resolution #4: How to boost your readership

Welcome to the 4th and final resolution in our New Year, New Content series. Be sure to check out the first three resolutions including how to create more shoppable content, optimize social media and ways to work better with brands.

In this crowded and competitive space, boosting readership is key to building a valued online destination. So how do you do it?

Though there’s no simple answ...

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Mobile's impact on driving sales, Twitter's value and SEO tips... It's Skimming the News!

From mobile’s impact on driving sales to what the Twitter-Google partnership means for brands and SEO tips we can all master, here’s the latest in news and tech tips from the week.

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Fashion, Beauty, Electronics even TV Network offers and announcements from your favorite brands!

Fabulous offers from fashion, beauty and electronics merchants. Click through for all...

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The latest offers from our fantastic Merchants

Check out the latest offers from our merchants in this week’s Scoop!

Oliver Bonas:...

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Advertising to millennials, programmatic on the rise and content creation tips... It's Skimming the News!

Happy Friday! Before the Valentine’s Day celebrations begin here’s a rundown of tech...

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Shopping holidays to remember in 2015

Cyber Monday 2014 saw more than $2 billion in sales It’s safe to say online shopping...

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Tech meetups at Skimlinks

At Skimlinks, we love discussing and experimenting with new libraries, technologies...

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New Year, New Content- Resolution #3: Work better with brands

Welcome back to our New Year, New Content series. So far we’ve shown you why

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