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Skimlinks APIs

Make the most of our technology

Use Skimlinks in any application.

Instead of installing the Skimlinks JavaScript on your site, you can harness the power of Skimlinks by monetizing links on your website/app via our LinkAPI.

Make use of our Affiliate Link Generator or build links manually following the Link API syntax.

All Skimlinks publishers can begin using this API immediately, no key required.

Read the Link API documentation »

Our data is your data. Immediately.

Our advanced Reporting API provides publishers with an up-to-the-minute snapshot of every commission they receive through Skimlinks from every merchant & network.

Choose between a simple date range based method, or use our unique delta method to receive additions, updates and deletions to commissions. No need to continually re-import over a date range!

Note: The Reporting API is currently only available to publishers earning over $500/month, or let us know if you have a special request.

Read the Reporting API documentation »

Finally, all the product feeds in one place.

The Product API (formerly known as EveryFeed) is a REST-based product search API that aggregates the product feeds of the merchants and networks we work with and turns them into one simple, uniform feed that Skimlinks publishers can query.

If you've battled with product feeds from affiliate networks and merchants before, you know how frustrating and time consuming it can be. The Product API is your solution.

Note: Product API is currently in beta with a limited resultset. It is highly optimised for Technology and Fashion categories. Further verticals will become available as we continue to develop the product.

Read the Product API documentation »

  • Use Skimlinks in your own website linking/redirect scripts.
  • Monetize your apps even if they can't use JavaScript.
  • Easy to use; set up in minutes.
  • Use the custom subID parameter to segment revenues.
  • Use our custom subdomain functionality to make links appear more integrated on your site.
  • Free to use for all Skimlinks publishers
  • Import commission data directly into your own reporting and optimization systems.
  • Track pages that are generating commissions.
  • Segment your commissions based on a unique value such as user, or individual click.
  • Free to use if you utilize the SkimLinks JavaScript or Link API to monetize the links.
  • Ideal for social shopping sites, widgets, product search services, or even price look-up and price-comparison tools.
  • Product feeds are aggregated, cleansed, de-duped and grouped using natural language processing.
  • All URLs in Product API are natural merchant URLs, so users see where a click will take them.
  • Product API lets you search on a number of filters, such as product name, price and category.
  • Free to use if you utilize the SkimLinks JavaScript or Link API to monetize the links.
Interested in partnering with Skimlinks to power your website or application?

Merchant API - Get to know our network

Use the Merchant API to search and filter our list of 18,000+ merchants by category and name to decide which links to push through Skimlinks.
Merchant API documentation » and Request access »

Note: The Merchant API is currently only available to high volume publishers. If you'd like to use the Merchant API, please get in touch and share some insight into what you hope to accomplish. All Skimlinks publishers have access to the merchant search functionality in our publisher interface. Sign in »

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