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Forums & Communities

Looking for a way to monetize your community without impacting their experience?

Skimlinks offers a seamless, subtle way to earn from the user-generated content on your site.

Solving the affiliate marketing challenge for forums

With Skimlinks, you can finally tap into the revenue stream you've been missing out on. Your community is posting links to merchants and mentioning products they use - previously you couldn't easily convert these into affiliate links.

The Skimlinks technology takes care of this automatically, converting product links and references into affiliate links; and, no matter what your niche, we've got the merchants to keep you covered: over 17,000 of them, aggregated through our service.

You can now earn easily through your user-generated content, and even better, we can keep your community's experience intact - without irrelevant ads in their way.

Customizable technology to suit your company

Using Skimlinks through our dedicated forum integrations, such as our vBulletin plugin, means having exceptional control over how Skimlinks is deployed on your forum.

  • Enable Skimlinks for specific sub-forums or usergroups, in case you want to disable it for premium users or exclusive sub-forums.
  • Toggle both SkimLinks and SkimWords across forums/usergroups, for an extra level of control on product visibility.
  • Enable a setting so that end users can opt-out via their forum user preferences.
Skimlinks is designed with your community in mind.

We understand sensitive audiences. You may want to try a gradual rollout: start by enabling it just for non-logged in users and gradually roll it out from there.

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Be rewarded for building a community, without affecting their experience

You have spent years running a loyal community of enthusiasts, and it's been a labor of love to keep it running without a revenue stream. With Skimlinks, you can start to be paid for the role your forum plays in advising purchase decisions, without interfering with conversations, or affecting the authenticity of the content.

Your forum community will understand that you deserve an income stream, and will appreciate the unobtrusiveness and usefulness of the service on their content.

Get insights from our reporting to understand which merchants your users love to shop with, empowering you to negotiate further advertising opportunities with those merchants.

Perfect for forum owners and community managers

The easiest way to get your links working for you – our technology turns them into affiliate links that can earn you money effortlessly.

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SkimWords creates new opportunities to earn in your content, picking up product references and turning them into relevant links – and you don’t have to lift a finger!

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Product API

Enrich your community's experience by creating your own unique product widgets using our aggregated Product API.

Find out about Product API »
Testimonials gains a whole new revenue stream
"User-generated content was a whole new area of the website that we hadn't even been able to monetize in the past. Using Skimlinks brought in a completely new revenue stream."
Jess Markwood, Editor,
"Skimlinks has been a tremendous partner for CrowdGather and many other forum owners. Communities are very averse to advertising in general and every decision that community owners make must be tempered with regard to the reaction that might result from vocal forum members. Fortunately Skimlinks provides us with a way to monetize our vast repositories of user posts in a manner that is unobtrusive, maybe even invisible to the members. By simply rewriting links, Skimlinks has been able to help us grow our affiliate revenues in an effortless manner. We have worked with others with similar offerings, but we prefer Skimlinks by far."
Sanjay Sabnani, CEO, CrowdGather, Inc.
AVForums unlocks affiliate marketing
"Skimlinks is a 'no brainer' solution which instantly turns member generated content into cash. This is why we allow members to post links to commercial websites in our forum."
Stuart Wright, Founder,
"It is said that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but Skimlinks offers a solution that disproves the adage. Unlike traditional advertising models, Skimlinks can be virtually invisible to your visitors, allowing them to experience your website as you intended. The ease with which the SkimLinks technology may be deployed onto an existing website is refreshing, and once rolled-out, all that remains to do is marvel at your new revenue stream fuelled by user-generated content."
Kier Darby, co-founder, XenForo

Use forum software like vBulletin?

Using Skimlinks through our vBulletin plugin means exceptional control. You can customize the technology to monetize select areas of your site or for certain user groups.

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