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Monetize your commerce-related content with Skimlinks

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Earn money from the sales you drive

Your content is likely peppered with links and references to products and merchants. Skimlinks can help you earn money for these.

If your users click through and buy from any of your products links, you can earn a commission on that sale.

A solution for everyone

"We designed a suite of products that works for all publishers - from bloggers to editorial sites, forum owners to app developers. Whether you just want a simple link affiliatization service, a more powerful intelligent linking feature, or a comprehensive tool for your editorial team, we have a monetization solution to suit your needs."

Alicia Navarro, CEO & Co-Founder

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Be a part of every affiliate program

Skimlinks publishers get instant access to over 18,000 active merchant affiliate programs (if a merchant has a program, we're on it!). We also negotiate much higher rates from our Preferred Partners, helping you earn more.

Higher rates

"We work with merchants across every vertical and over multiple countries. Merchants love that we help high quality publishers create more content about their products, and give us such great rates that working with Skimlinks becomes a no-brainer for publishers."

Jenny Williams, Head of Merchant Development

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Join our world-class publisher network

We work with most of the well-known publishers on the internet, and have been for years. They have demanding requirements in terms of up-time, server redundancy, speed, and security, and we never disappoint. From The Independent to Gawker Media to Hearst Digital, they all consider Skimlinks a fundamental component in their content monetization strategy.

You’re in control

"When it comes to monetization, publishers want minimal impact to their user experience and complete control over how monetization solutions affect their content - and that’s exactly what Skimlinks delivers. Our enterprise-grade technology does not interfere with other services or plugins already on your site, nor does it impact your page load. And our products are customizable through content creation tools like Skimlinks Editor, as we know high quality content sites want that degree of control."

Jen Langdon, VP of Engineering

To the moon

Get centralized reporting & payouts

Imagine if you had all this data in one place: how much money you are making from your commerce-related content; what retailers your users like to buy from; what products are popular on your site; what pages are performing best. Skimlinks pulls together all these insights, as well as all your earnings, from over 40 affiliate networks.

Know your audience

"The Publisher Hub gives our publishers access to all our tools and products, detailed and actionable analytics, and information about all the merchants we work with. We want to save publishers the hassle of having to log in to multiple network interfaces to deal with fragmented and incomplete data."

Martin Goodson, VP Data Science

Simple set-up, seamless solutions

We pride ourselves on helping publishers earn money from their content seamlessly and effortlessly. This means that there’s little to no effort required on your part to install and maintain our products, and little to no impact on your readers’ user experience. We aren’t an advertising company, we monetize your commerce-related content by helping your users buy the products you write about.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

"With a simple copy/paste action, publishers can install Skimlinks, and then customize fully the extent to which it monetizes their site. We even give publishers tools to help every aspect of researching products and merchants, creating links and content, and optimizing the revenues they earn from their content. And we have a dedicated and savvy publisher development team to answer all your questions and help you supercharge your Skimlinks earnings"

Buck Smith, VP of Sales and Business Development

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